Accuphase E303

Accuphase E303

Accuphase E 303 Field report / Test:

The E303 certainly has the title as the first and largest amplifier from the House of Accuphase. The granddaddy of all larger Accuphase integrated amplifier. One could argue about the optics, but does not have one. For some the most beautiful amplifier by Accuphase and for others a real milestone in terms of design. It meets my taste though however I find really beautiful the amplifier from •e305. However, the E303 has its own optical charm I think.

The build quality is absolutely Accuphase like and leaves no impression of any compromises. If you absolutely want to chalking on what the E303, It is the balance slider, Although it's optically fits into the overall concept I'm not really a friend of this type of controller. Due to mass I could a Marantz PM8 o. 1300Do not introduce DC without these sliders, There's fits like the fist on the eye. Another (conditionally) to chalky point, for me, would be the Loudnessfunktion, but this later more.

As you can see clearly on the front, There's countless controller, Switches and buttons. Right next to the VUs sit the switches for the phono and is called Headamp. To enable the switch, do you get the possibility to be able to change the settings for the MC. The source switches were placed right next to the volume control: Disc 1, Disc 2, Tuner, and aux. Disc is not available in this case for phono (very good Phonoeinheit). Left of the volume control are the switches for the tape features and still left the switches for the heights or. Bass increases. These switches get dirty over the years and then cause contact problems however sufficient most of the time a cleaning. So not really a point of concern. Rather, the heat is a problem child. Because the Accuphase is properly hot, almost like a class A AMP. Ensures the heat, some joints become brittle, and thus also create Kontakprobleme. So's was when my but if you have two left hands, can you resolder's themselves. And if they, should we bring the patient to the Hi-Fi doctor.

The interior design is the Hifiherz hitting higher. Clean processed components with finest, just Accuphase.

Sonically, I was expecting me at least a super analytic amplifier. That said to man finally Accuphase amplifier. But if the E303 analytically sounds, then, I am a tree. With “analytical” This amplifier has so much together as the Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, namely, nothing! Much more fantastic, warm sounds of E303 but loses the resolution No millisecond out of sight. Not even if you the volume control does not have the 8 Can watch bring positions because the neighbor holds just its beauty sleep. And since we were already on the strength of 303. He can play as wonderfully quiet without missing a breath of dynamics and resolution. There are really only a handful of amplifier that can accomplish this in this quality. My Restek fable that fails unfortunately in this quality as the ACCU. Only my Luxman L-11 comes dangerously close to the E303, mind you in quieter levels. Even if I now by some ACCU- Fans stoned but will the combination of C222 + P266 fails's also! This is already a pretty powerfully tuned amplifier. What confirmed while listening to quiet as very good, can the wrong speaker if it's times louder, quickly in “too much power” degenerate. The ACCU requires precisely equal speaker.

It would also cut the Loudnessfunktion is with so much force especially since this was solved my opinion absolutely bad. The stage 1 but it is bearable at the level 2 and 3 is it actually to gedröhnt. It has can handle my speakers none. By and large the Accuphase E303 is a really good amp which optically and technically knows how to convince all along the line and of course worth every penny.

In this sense……..